Web Hosting

Our platform is designed to be resilient with network and server redundancy and load balancing built in as standard. Everything is hosted in the UK using SSD storage to maximise performance.

The systems are monitored 24×7 and any issues are resolved in a timely manner.  The vast majority of issues are resolved without even being noticed by the customer.

Domain names that you purchase through us will always belong to you – we will never charge you to transfer your domain name to another provider, provided your account is in good standing. A .uk domain name is the cheapest option and is ideal for most customers, but there are countless other domain names available too.

Our standard hosting package provide 50GB of SSD disk space, (this can be upgraded).

1TB of monthly bandwidth is included.

We include an SSL certificate for your web site. This removes the “Not secure” message when someone visits your web site, and should improve your google rankings. Certificates suitable for eCommerce or to verify your identity are also available, but involve additional costs, and are not required for the majority of our customers.

You will get an unlimited number of 1GB IMAP/POP3 email accounts. We also support email forwarding.

You can create up to 5 subdomains, allowing you multiple web sites on your domain, for example sermons.abc-church.org.uk or prayer-course.abc-church.org.uk

You can use FTP to access your server. Up to 5 additional FTP accounts can be created (as well as the default one).

WordPress is our recommended platform to build a church web site, and this is fully supported by the platform. For an additional £30pa, we can install this for you and proactively provide support and advise/perform software updates as and when required.

You will have access to a control panel which allows you to perform administrative functions such as creating email accounts, creating subdomains and installing WordPress.

Your server will be backup up daily and you can restore from these backups if you need to. So, if you make updates to your web site and they don’t work out as expected, you can go back to an earlier version. Backups are held for 2 weeks.

Additionally, there is a long list of alternative pre-configured software ready to install (eg wikis), but we will not actively support these, or advise on upgrades, security issues, etc.

Many of the above features and limits can be upgraded, so please ask if the above is not sufficient for your needs.

Our standard hosting package is £60pa and this includes a free .uk domain name. WordPress is included, but WordPress management is a further £30pa. See our charges page for full details.