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Details of our hosting package for UK Churches and Christian Ministries

Key Features

To ensure reliability our servers use:

  • multiple connections to the internet with multiple providers
  • dual redundant firewalls
  • multiple hotswap redundant servers
  • dual hotswap network storage and backup
  • No system can ever be 100% reliable, but the above features mean that in most cases, if something fails, another system will kick in automatically to keep the service running.

    The following features are provided:

  • virtual server (works with browsers that support HTTP 1.1 eg Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later, Internet Explorer 3.0 or later, ie almost all of the browsers in use today)
  •,,, .org, .com, .net, .info, or .name domain name of your choice (first come first served but choose a name that you can defend your right to use, eg your church name or the initials of the name) (.biz is available too, but a .biz name must be used for a commercial purpose and this hosting package is not really designed for commercial use)
  • 100 Mbyte disk space (for your web space)
  • FTP access to your disk space (up to 5 accounts so that you can limit some users to access and update only parts of your site)
  • unlimited number of 400Mb POP3 email accounts (inactive accounts will be deleted autoamtically after 100 days)
  • unlimited number of email forwarding (to forward email to existing mail boxes, perhaps one supplied by your ISP - email for specific email addresses can be forwarded to specific email accounts and all email for addresses not specifically identified to a chosen email account)
  • unlimited number of email aliases (will allow you to have an incoming email address sent to more than one email account)
  • 5 Gbyte bandwidth per month to include all www, email and ftp traffic
  • unlimited number of email autoresponders (eg you could set up an email address that will auto-reply with the list of your current church activities)
  • 5 subdomains of your domain name (eg
  • 5 additional FTP accounts (perhaps to allow some users to update only limited parts of your website
  • 35 CGI scripts available for simple installation from your control panel
  • website builder software - fully featured website building tool including over 200 templates (you can also add website builder plus to your account for an additional £30pa, providing over 500 templates and allowing more flexibility and features)
  • junk mail filter
  • free utility software
  • 550 website templates
  • 22,500 free photos
  • webart
  • 1 MySQL database
  • control panel through which you configure which your account (turn features on and off, create email accounts, etc)
  • Many of our key features are unlimited. However, if your site uses more than 5% of the CPU power of the server (very unlikely given the other limitations on the account) then we will contact you to discuss alternative solutions.

    If you have requirements beyond the standard features supplied, please contact Support through the contact form on this web site. If your requirement is simple we may be able to do it free and then add it to the standard package for other users too. Alternatively, we can provide more complex services for which there will be a cost, eg adding a facility for online sales, registering your web site with search engines. It may even be that we provide the feature already but haven't listed it here.

    You may transfer an existing domain name to our hosting service (please check with your current provider first to ensure that they will allow you to transfer from them). Charges are as for registering a new domain name. Please note that we may require you to complete some documentation to permit us to transfer your name from one registrar to another. Failure to complete such documentation in a timely manner may result in extra registration related fees being charged. Any fees charged to us resulting from your delay in providing us with the required documentation will be recharged to you. We recommend transferring a minimum of one month before your fees are next due but would suggest allowing longer than that. If you request a transfer less than one month before the fees are due, you will be responsible for any fees charged by the old registrar in the event that the transfer is not completed in time (these might be charged through your old supplier). If you have any concerns over these timing issues, please contact us with your existing domain name and we will let you know the details for your particular case.

    Charges for package with UK domain name (No VAT payable)

    • £40 pa for churches and other Christian charities (we will pay the VAT on this if we re-register)
    • £45 pa for academic organisations (VAT will be added to this if we re-register)
    • £50 pa for businesses (VAT will be added to this if we re-register)

    Charges for package with global domain name (No VAT payable)

    • £50 pa for churches and other Christian charities (we will pay the VAT on this if we re-register)
    • £55 pa for academic organisations (VAT will be added to this if we re-register)
    • £60 pa for businesses (VAT will be added to this if we re-register)

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