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Low Cost Web Hosting for UK Churches and Christian Ministries

We offer low cost reliable hosting for UK Churches and Christian ministries. Our all-inclusive package includes your own domain name (.uk or international), web hosting, email forwarding (or POP3 mailboxes) and email autoresponders. Extras are available but the standard package is designed to satisfy 99% the needs of all our potential customers.

Your own domain name will be easier for people to find because the name is easier to remember than It gives you a more professional image and it is a name that you can keep for years to come. You can even move it to another ISP if you no longer want us to host it for you. If you were to use an ISP's free web space then your address will change every time you change ISP. You may even find that your web site is deleted automatically because you forgot to connect to the ISP at least once every 90 days! Further, it is easier to get your site registered with search engines if you have your own domain name (you will get a better position in the listings, whereas without your own name you may not get listed at all).

Email forwarding allows leaders in the church to have a church email address, but it does not require them to change their own ISP or their existing mailbox setup. The individual concerned can decide whether or not to change the return address in their own email setup to match their church email address. An address such as can be set up which will forward email to all the elders in the church.

An autoresponder allows you to set up text that will be emailed back to anyone who emails a specific email address. For example, an email sent to could get an automatic reply with the days and times of all of this week's meetings.

A distribution list allows an email to be sent to a group of people. The list can be maintained manually by an adminstrator, or you can allow people to sign up through your web site using a double opt in mechanism.

We will provide all of this for £40 per year (£45 per year for academic sites and £50 per year for business sites). We no longer charge VAT. This includes 100Mb of web space, 5Gb of monthly bandwidth, an unlimited number of 400Mb mailboxes (accessible by webmail and/or pop3), website builder, other web tools, 35 cgi scripts and 1 MySQL database. Please see our full details page for more information. We will be offering upgrades to some of these features soon, but if you have any specific requirements that we don't meet, please do contact us.

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